Trusted Advisor Access

Trusted Advisor Access

Expertise and insight when you need it most. Sometimes you don’t need a full-scale consulting project to address current strategic, technical or operational challenges — you just need rapid insight on key issues, from an expert who understands your situation and can help you move forward quickly.

Trusted Advisor Unlimited Access

The Trusted Advisor Unlimited Access service gives you flexible, priority access to my expertise whenever you need it, where it can make the most difference for you and your team. This can be highly cost-effective for situations where you need access to deep expertise, but don’t want or need a full-time consulting engagement.

Depending on your requirements, Trusted Advisor Unlimited Access can be tailored to include only yourself or can be extended to include key members of your team. With this approach, the meter is never running, so you and any covered team members are always free to reach out to me as frequently as needed.

Some examples of the Trusted Advisor roles I provide include:

  • A sounding board for strategic and tactical decisions
  • An objective third-party to review proposed designs, plans and progress
  • A source of ideas and techniques for rapid problem-solving
  • A responsive, trusted ally for fast guidance on time-sensitive issues
  • An outside perspective to help you see options from new angles
  • A devil’s advocate on critical business and technology decisions
  • A source of objective guidance to help you reduce risk when the stakes are high

Depending on your needs and circumstances, I can serve entirely as a one-on-one advisor or I can serve in a broader role, participating in meetings with key team members and high-value stakeholders when appropriate.

You will have unlimited access to me via telephone within 3 hours during regular business hours in the Pacific time zone, and by email within 24 hours. We can also arrange to meet in-person or during off hours when necessary.

To discuss whether trusted advisor access is the right option for your needs, contact Steven here.