Architecture and Integration

Deep expertise for enterprise architectures, implementations and migrations. Lay the foundation for successful implementations with best-practices architecture and infrastructure design. Minimize integration and implementation risks with objective evaluations of the pros and cons of available options before implementation begins.

IT Architecture and Infrastructure

Are you in the process of defining a new system or enterprise architecture, but not sure what approach will best meet your organization’s current and future needs? I can work with your team to design a resilient architecture and scalable infrastructure that accommodates both your current needs and your anticipated growth, and define a roadmap to get you from here to there.

IT architecture and infrastructure activities include:

  • Assessment of existing, planned and alternative architectures
  • Development of enterprise architectural roadmaps
  • Evaluating technical feasibility, benefits and risks of available alternatives
  • Physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructure assessment and planning
  • Architecture and infrastructure design, implementation and oversight

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Enterprise Systems Integration

Whether you’re implementing a new system, preparing for an upgrade or migration, or consolidating existing systems as part of a merger or acquisition, careful planning and execution are critical to project success.

With over two decades of experience integrating complex systems in organizations of all sizes, I can help your team minimize integration and implementation risks, avoid costly downtime and ensure a smooth transition to your new environments.

Enterprise systems integration activities include:

  • Objective assessment of the risks and benefits of consolidating, retiring or replacing existing systems
  • Planning and oversight for new implementations, upgrades, migrations and system consolidations
  • Assessing system usability/user experience
  • Cross-functional coordination to minimize the impact of integration activities on daily operations
  • Integration planning, verification and cutover for complex, mission-critical environments

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Technology and Vendor Selection

Are you evaluating software, database, operating system or infrastructure options, but struggling to distinguish fact from fiction in the slick demos and sweeping promises? I can help you see through the “sales fog” and provide an objective view of the pros and cons of each alternative to help you make the right choices for your company’s needs.

Technology and vendor selection activities include:

  • Objective, independent assessment of the pros and cons of available vendor and technology options
  • Framing all vendor interactions to focus on your primary business objectives, rather than canned sales pitches and flashy new-feature demonstrations
  • Evaluation of vendor proposals to identify any potential risks and ensure that your objectives are met
  • Recommendations that are driven by your best interests, rather than vendor interests

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