Business Intelligence and Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data. Maximize the value of your investments in data analytics. Extend your team’s capabilities with deep expertise in enterprise-wide, cross-platform data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics implementations.

Data Warehouse, BI and Analytics Architecture

Data-driven decisions are only as good as the data that drives them. In today’s BI and analytics environments, striking the right balance between data governance, security, integrity and performance is a continuous challenge. Now more than ever, IT and business units must work together to consistently produce high-quality data sets that can be fed into a variety of tools. It all starts with a solid foundation.

With deep expertise in systems, software and data architectures, Temperant Consulting helps ensure that your BI and analytics environments are built on a rock-solid, best-practices architectural foundation.

Data warehouse, BI and analytics architecture services include:

  • Enterprise data warehouse, BI and analytics roadmaps
  • Systems, software and data architecture
  • Assessments of existing architecture
  • Objective, independent tool and technology evaluations and recommendations based on your business priorities
  • Conceptual, logical and physical data architecture
  • Data governance, data management and data quality
  • Capacity planning and infrastructure design for performance, availability and scalability

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Implementations, Upgrades and Migrations

Whether you’re exploring an initial proof-of-concept, implementing a new environment, upgrading an existing environment or migrating to an entirely new platform, careful planning and seamless execution are the keys to ensuring project success and end-user satisfaction.

For even the simplest data warehousing, BI and analytics environments, the variety and complexity of component interdependencies can be mind-boggling. From web servers to application servers to databases, to custom authentication providers, portals and industry-specific components (from companies like Sungard, CPAS, Fiserv and others), there’s no substitute for years of hands-on integration experience across a wide range of infrastructure, operating system and database platforms.

With a range of options tailored to your unique requirements, Temperant Consulting helps you mitigate risk throughout the project lifecycle and ensure that your systems are solid from the very start.

Implementation, upgrade and migration services include:

  • Implementation, integration and troubleshooting across Unix/Linux and Windows platforms, as well as all major database platforms, web servers and authentication sources
  • Integration of third-party components including industry-specific reporting packages, custom authentication sources and third-party portals
  • Migration, consolidation and conversion of models, security, batch processes and reports across software generations and platforms
  • Report and dashboard customization
  • Metadata modeling, multidimensional modeling and OLAP cubes
  • Data acquisition and transformation
  • Proof-of-concept designs and implementation
  • Upgrade/migration assessments and planning

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Performance Tuning and Optimization

From the source data layer to the front-end presentation layer, there are a myriad of potential performance bottlenecks in every BI and analytics environment. Database architecture, infrastructure design, network utilization, operating system configuration, software configuration, process scheduling and query design in reports and dashboards can all play a part in causing poor performance and system instability.

With years of experience designing, troubleshooting and tuning systems for maximum performance, Temperant Consulting helps you optimize your environments for peak performance and stability.

Performance tuning and optimization services include:

  • System performance and configuration assessments
  • Analysis and optimization of reports, metadata models, multidimensional models, batch processes and database structures
  • Re-architecture of inefficient query structures to dramatically improve the performance of mission critical reports, dashboards and visualizations
  • Multi-layer performance analysis and tuning of systems and software, including operating systems, databases, networks, web servers, applications and source code

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