Enterprise IT Strategy

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IT Strategy Development

Now more than ever, IT is vital as both an operational and a strategic asset. Times change and technology changes even faster. Whether your company is working to expand in existing markets, seize new opportunities, or adapt to changing conditions, technology has a direct and often dramatic impact on your organization’s ability to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

For IT to deliver maximum strategic value to the organization, you must have a clear vision of where you want to be and a clear path to get you there.

Strategy development activities include:

  • Formulating an enterprise IT strategy in the context of your organization’s broader business strategy
  • Review and refinement of existing IT strategy relative to current operational reality
  • Creating communications roadmaps to clearly articulate the strategy at all levels of the organization, from upper management to implementation teams to front-line support staff
  • Defining implementation roadmaps to ensure that people, processes and technology work in unison to best serve the needs of your business

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Strategic and Tactical Alignment

Strategy development is only the beginning. To ensure successful execution, your strategy must be clearly understood by your entire team. Strategic and tactical alignment ensures that everyone on your team is focused on high-value activities that are oriented towards your strategic goals, instead of wasting time and money on low-value, low-return activities.

Strategic and tactical alignment activities include:

  • Defining an execution plan with concrete, tactical steps for strategy implementation
  • Clearly communicating the strategy to align management and staff under a shared set of goals
  • Establishing clear accountabilities for implementation of the strategy by all team members
  • Evaluating existing systems and processes to determine their level of “strategic fit”
  • Identifying and maximizing high-leverage activities that align with your strategy
  • Actively reducing or eliminating low-value activities that do not align with your strategy

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