Performance and Scalability

Design, tuning and troubleshooting for peak performance. Maximize system availability and responsiveness for today’s workloads, troubleshoot complex problems within and across systems, and build a solid foundation for expanding the capacity of your environments to accommodate increasing demand.

Stability, Performance and Scalability

Do your environments have recurring stability or performance problems? Are you confident that your existing systems can scale to accommodate the anticipated growth of your organization? If system performance or reliability is inadequate for the requirements of your business, the underlying causes can range from hardware, to code, to databases, to operating systems, to networks and more.

With years of experience integrating and troubleshooting complex systems across hardware, software and network layers, I can help your team pinpoint the sources of performance bottlenecks, determine the root causes of system instability and evaluate your systems for future scalability.

Stability, performance and scalability activities include:

  • Assessing current system stability and scalability
  • Uncovering the root causes of performance issues throughout the technology stack
  • In-depth performance analysis
  • Capacity assessments and capacity planning for future growth
  • Optimization and tuning to maximize the performance of critical systems

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Custom Critical Troubleshooting

When critical system failures occur and complex troubleshooting is required, you need an expert with exceptional technical depth. Someone who thoroughly understands the interactions between the components of complex systems. Someone who knows the right information to gather and the right questions to ask.

Technical team members are often already working so “deep in the weeds” that it can be very hard for them to step back and examine a problem from a broader systems-interaction perspective, especially under the pressure of real-time troubleshooting and firefighting. Working closely with your team, I can often see things that they don’t simply because I’m not as close to the problem. I begin by gathering overview information directly from your team, and then dig down into the details only where it’s needed.

Custom critical troubleshooting activities include:

  • Complex systems troubleshooting and analysis across software, hardware, databases and networks
  • Precise, focused information gathering from technical and business staff
  • Gathering, analysis and interpretation of key system performance data and logs
  • System stabilization and root-cause analysis to resolve business-critical performance issues and recover from system failures

To discuss your custom critical troubleshooting needs, contact Steven here.