"You have the rare skill of moving effortlessly between working with technology and working with people. Whether you’re working with a system, an individual or an entire team, your presence is just so patient, focused, and centered — things that most people are not. It’s like having a great doctor when you’re very sick, who says ‘Hey, don’t worry, we’re going to fix this’. And then you do."

Christina Dyer,
President, Noble Adventures


"You are one of the few people in the industry with requisite depth throughout the technology stack to truly help organizations with the performance and stability of their mission critical systems. It’s manna from heaven that in addition to being a one-in-a-million technology guru you are also a great person and a pleasure to work with."

Greg Herrera,
Co-Founder, Senturus


"As an architect I appreciated Steven’s methodical approach, the structure and the vision; as a partner in projects I valued Steven’s ability to find solutions and to always see the end game; and as a colleague I really enjoyed Steven’s approach and personal style. Steven is one of the people I would always choose to have on my team if that was a possibility."

Cristina Nitulescu,
Senior Manager of BI Architecture, Stryker


"It was a real pleasure working with you. I was amazed at the depth of your knowledge. I hope to see/work with you again in the future and it doesn’t matter what it is… making donuts or pimping cars… I know it will be a great experience for me."

Heinz Behrendt,
Software Developer, General Motors


"Steven’s consulting has been a tremendous asset to our organization. His knowledge, professionalism and dedication are exceptional. Steven brings passion and integrity to every job that he does, no matter how small. He has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a fruitful relationship in the future."

Ryan Bezenek,
Vice President of IT, Ariat International


"It was really a pleasure to work with you and get our systems upgraded successfully. I have seen you handle tight deadlines and extreme pressures with calm. Your tips and techniques are proving extremely helpful. I really look forward to working with you again!"

Varsha Sahasrabuddhe,
BI Administrator, Ariat International


"From our first conversation, Steven had a wealth of knowledge and insight to provide while working on our project. He was very thorough and provided us with the confidence of moving forward with our implementation efforts. I would highly recommend Steven for future projects."

Chris Speckens,
BI and Data Warehouse Manager, UC Merced


"Steven has been invaluable as a sounding board and advisor during a critical time of growth for our organization. He quickly understood the key points of friction within our team and the dynamics that were at play. Then, with skillful diplomacy, he helped break months of gridlock to align our team around a shared mission and vision that everyone could support."

Grace Mastalli,
CEO, LimbForge


"What Steven has that is so rare in this field is the ability to see solutions beyond the limited scope suggested by others, and the almost magical ability to communicate effectively with both career technical professionals and non-technical visionary executives — who see ways to triple their business, but find it difficult to convey their ideas to their technical staff."

Stuart Swabacker,
President, Specially Designed Systems


"Steven’s advice was continually sought out by both our clients and our internal team members. Equally adept at interacting with technical staff and with executive management, he is highly observant and insightful, and deeply understands both the business and the technical implications of a project."

John Peterson,
CEO, Senturus


"Steven’s coaching has helped me become more collaborative and consultative with our team. Talking through key organizational issues with him has helped me clarify my feelings on numerous issues, and kept me more aware of my influence and impact on the team. Even when working through tough issues, it’s a pleasure to work with him."

Jon Schull,
Chairman and Founder, Enable Community Foundation


"Steven was one of our most popular and engaging presenters. Our audiences were continually impressed with his performance, attention to detail, and breadth and depth of knowledge. I have the highest respect for Steven and he is one of my all-time favorite people with whom I have worked."

Andrea Marcone Herrera,
VP of Marketing, Senturus


"Steven is a truly amazing business professional who combines deep technology expertise with high-concept strategic thinking and communication. He has that rare ability to understand the technical weeds… while designing, planning and implementing the people and process aspects of a business initiative."

Barry Bisson,
Senior Sales Engineer, Sumo Logic


"Steven did an awesome job on the two projects that we accomplished with him. He is very knowledgeable in his practice domain as well as calm and confident. It was a great experience working with Steven and I hope to work with him again in the future."

Jaswinder Singh,
IT Data Architect, Fremont Bank


"Personable, engaging, a great presenter and trusted advisor to our clients and to our internal staff… Your commitment to the client’s best interest has always been exceptional. It’s no accident that clients seek your advice and expertise again and again."

Jim Frazier,
VP of Client Solutions, Senturus


"Steven was extremely helpful as an advisor to our team throughout our business intelligence upgrade and migration… He’s extremely knowledgeable, highly personable and very professional."

Tran Boelsterli,
Enterprise Architect, Chevron


"Steven is very meticulous about his work and always brings a high level of professionalism on every project… Very diverse knowledge, with a mixture of great business sense and technical skills."

Rick Fukunaga,
President, RKF Consulting


"You are one of the most talented and easy to work with professionals I’ve encountered in the past 20 years. Your diligence, skills and business savvy have continually provided a model for success under any circumstances."

John O'Rourke,
President, OBI Consulting


"Steven was very flexible as our business priorities changed. He was able to quickly shift from one effort to the next while not losing focus of the overall goal of the project."

Jay Harmor,
Senior BI Developer, VSP Global


"Steven did a fantastic job… our project went very smoothly and we went into production with no problems. He’s a lot of fun, very personable, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and we greatly appreciated the time he spent with us onsite in Spokane."

Judy Madden,
Project Manager, Avista